Friday, January 20, 2006


I have been pondering my college education. I have a major doubt that this University is for me. My fear is that the months after graduation I will be in the learch. I just have so many doubts about UOP that I just don't give a shit. I need proof. I cannot find it about UOP? why isn't there job placement assistance? why do I hear so much crticism, I think it's a great University for those who have a career just need more education, noone will actually be on the job prowell like me. Fuck this. I am interested in Columbia College in Chicago. Theres and open admission policy and they have artsy careers that I want.

I feel like a lot of my self dobt is due to being with Steve. Why did I get wrapped up in his shit again? I rented Diary of a mad black woman, sweet movie and he says it's stupid and boring cause theres a strong black man handling business and Steve never has. I got my nails done on my lucng break for the first, and I feel GREAT!!! but the point i'm trying to make is I feel good about things that Steve tries to beat down, like he scoffs at everything I admire. I cannot be with someone like that. I would love to move to Chicage and attend Columbia, from there build my life. I have so much to ponder and figure out.


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